Fire Risk Assessment

Beaufort House – Fire Risk Assessment – May 2007


  1. Introduction


This Fire Risk Assessment considers the potential areas of fire risk relating to Bed and Breakfast services offered by Mrs J Henry at Beaufort House, Broomfield Park, Sunningdale.


It covers the type of accommodation provided, assumptions about types and numbers of visitors and considers possible fire risks and their assessment.


  1. Accommodation and services offered


Beaufort House provides limited accommodation in terms of two twin rooms in a family house. Breakfast is provided but other meals are not offered. Breakfast is served on the ground floor in either the dining room or conservatory.


The Green Room is on the first floor and includes an en-suite shower and toilet. On occasions an additional bed is provided for a third person.


The Blue Room is also on the first floor and makes use of separate toilet and bathroom facilities across the landing from the bedroom.


Guests have the use of a sitting room on the ground floor.


  1. Assumptions


-          No special adaptations are provided for disabled visitors so the assumption is made that guests are generally individually mobile and can use stairs etc.

-          Any children staying will be accompanied by more senior people (parents etc) who will have responsibility for their conduct

-          Visitors will make themselves familiar with safety information included in the Beaufort House Information Pack provided to residents.

-          No staff are employed and therefore the risk assessment only considers visitors.


  1. Fire risks


The fire risks associated with Beaufort House are considered as follows:






General construction

Beaufort House is a solidly build brick building with heavy doors and double glazed windows. These attributes would act to slow the spread of any potential fire.


Surrounding properties

The property is sited well away from other houses with no risk of fire spreading between buildings.


Fire detection

Smoke detectors are fitted at ground and first floor levels. These automatically warn should the battery be failing and a regular test is also carried out every month with the results entered into a log book.

A large bell is also provided at first floor level should guests or other occupants need to warn residents of fire or other hazards. Details of this are included in the information pack.


Fire caused by standard heating systems

The main source of heat is via central heating.


Fire caused by auxiliary heating systems

Additional electrical fan heaters are provided for guests comfort. These are not radiant heaters and therefore cannot cause a fire by contact etc.

All such heaters are fitted with appropriate fuses and visitors are requested to unplug such devices when not in use.

All bedrooms are inspected after guests depart in the morning to ensure no devices have been left on by mistake.


Fire caused by other electrical items

Other electrical items provided are:

-          television

-          radios (battery operated)

-          kettles

-          electric blankets

All items are regularly inspected by the owner and replaced if considered to be showing signs of wear.



No smoking is permitted on the premises. This is pointed out to visitors in the information pack provided.


Escape from first floor

The main staircase is wide and easily accessed from the guest bedrooms. Each bedroom also has a fully opening window should use of the stairs be restricted. These can be accessed via ladders held within the garage of the house.


Escape from ground floor

There are four main exits from the house each of which has a fully opening door.


Escape from house area

Beaufort House has extensive open space to front and back to which visitors could escape in the event of a major fire.


Fire in kitchen

The ground floor has smoke and CO2 detectors which are regularly checked. A dry powder fire extinguisher is located in the kitchen suitable for all types of fire.


Open fire in drawing room

Guests are not provided with an open fire in the drawing room.


Alerting emergency services

Phones are available for calls to the emergency services including a back up device should electrical power not be available. Mobile phones are also held.


Fire caused by gas leak

There is no gas supply to the first floor. Gas is used in the kitchen but all work has been carried out by certified Corgi contractors.


Fire caused by other flammable objects/liquids

No flammable liquids are stored in the house.




  1. Overall Assessment


The overall fire risk assessment is considered to be low.